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Take HealthyAction4U – I did! Read my story…. January 9, 2010

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It has been 70 days since I started with Advocare, and I have lost 32 pounds! I feel better, have more ENERGY and look 10 years younger! I started with a very strict adherence during the 24 Day Challenge and tapered off after that to a manageable on-going weight loss commitment utilizing SPARK and SLAM for energy, meal replacement shakes/bars for delicious, easy meals, and another MNS supplement round which I take every 4-5 days to keep me on track! This experience is great and is the beginning of a lifelong commitment to my health!

The results speak for themselves — I have NOT been exercising much and the weight is still coming off. If I step up my exercise routine to even 3 days a week of moderate activity, I am convinced I will lose those last 15 pounds with ease!

Healthy Action 4 U – Start Today!

Click here to order the 24 day challenge and get started!

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2 Responses to “Take HealthyAction4U – I did! Read my story….”

  1. Awesome. Great job Karina. You look great. I am excited about AdvoCare and how the products have impacted my daily routine! Love the RESULTS!

  2. Lili Says:

    I am sooo proud of you!!! You look great…. I am getting motivated to join you in this journey… I am not sure that I have the strength and will power… you know how weak I am about food 🙂

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